Saturday Art: The Inner Ring (Anidril System, #4)

This Saturday, we’ve traveled through the Inner Anidril System (and if you missed that, you can visit Anjea, Areaer, and Alaer here). So now we venture away from the earthy, rocky worlds for a time, with another bit of concept art by none other than your own Raina Nightingale ….

The first asteroid belt of the star Anidril, designed by Raina Nightingale
Anidril’s inner asteroid belt

Between the orbits of Alaer and Arxeal lies a relatively tight, thick ring of asteroids. It is thick enough to eclipse stars and to render the outer planets invisible, or at least very dim, far more often than not. As a result, Arxeal and Aldexae do not exist in most Areaeran or Alaeran skylore, and if they do exist, it is not as recognized planets. But this ring of rocks may be far more than it at first appears, and though it is not much of an obvious feature from the inner worlds, it is sometimes named the Path of the Sun and other things.

For the whole world is magic, and lives together, in a harmony deeper than any one thing can know.

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