Saturday Art: Alaer (Anidril System, #3)


Heart of Fire came out last Sunday (you can check out that post here) and so we’ll be back to the Anidril System series for a bit.

Alaer, third planet of the star Anidril, an ocean world with a bright icy moon, designed by Raina Nightingale

This is Alaer, the third planet of the sun-like star, Anidril. Alaer is Areaer’s sister planet, being very near in size and rotation and composition to the green earth-like world, but covered in thick oceans that submerged all of the land, leaving only the mountains to rise above the waves. Alaer also possesses a somewhat denser atmosphere and is farther from Anidril, making it a cool, ocean world, with a year about twice the length of Areaer’s – though it is somewhat greater in terms of days, as Alaer spins faster.

Alaer’s white moon matches the planet with its icy face of mostly frozen water. It also means that many Alaeran nights are very bright, as opposed to its days which are somewhat dim. Here you see Alaer, with its moon shining above the curve of its horizon, and its longest chain of high mountains marching across the equator.

Alaer is a world of its moon and its oceans, of water and light, of the changing tides and the waxing and waning of light. Its magical dolphins are born of both, the common colored dolphins linked to its oceans and its bright aurorae, while the moon dolphins belong to the light of the moon and have power over the tides.

For every world is alive, with its own magic.

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