Saturday Art: Areaer (Anidril System, #2)


Next Saturday will be more HEART OF FIRE art, just before the release…

For now, here’s Areaer.

Areaer, the second planet of the star Anidril, home of most of the Areaer novels, designed by Raina Nightingale. It has two moons, one large and one small and distant.

Areaer is Anidril’s second planet. Very similar in size, composition, and year to our Earth, if you somehow found yourself on Areaer, perhaps the first clue that you were somewhere new would be the night sky, full of stars and constellations you would never have seen before.

This picture shows the edge of Areaer’s largest continent, Aneri, as the large moon rises above the equator, the small moon following in its path. Areaer is a rich world, with deserts and mountains and forests and oceans, with magic interwoven through everything, a part and substance of life – the underlying life and personality of the world and itself, and everything in it. But as often as not, the magic is not flashy, or overtly obvious to those who are not attuned to it.

Areaer is a world of fire, of the Earthfire, the flame in the heart of the world, and of wind and storms. Both are bound to the dragons, and the dragons to them, but it is also a world of rich forests and their song that wraps the whole world around and stabilizes it – and so much more. For all that lives, is magic.

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