Hopes and Heroes: Author Interview and Book Spotlight with Steven A. Guglich (Noblebright Spotlight)

Spring comes in earnest (for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere) and here is another Noblebright Spotlight.

This time we have Steven A. Guglich with us. His first book, Piercing the Veil, just came out May 31st. When he was younger, he found the world to be an itchy sweater … until he discovered he could have his own adventures with heroes from other realms ….

What does the genre/word ‘Noblebright’ mean to you?

When I hear the term Noblebright, I think of the light in the darkness, the inextinguishable flame, the hero that is willing to do what is right, no matter the cost.

Tell us something(s) about your story that shows us a glimpse of how you express that in your books.

Jeremy Goodson is one of the central characters of Piercing the Veil: Book One of The Veil Saga. He’s an ordinary, overweight guy who knows a thing or two about being made fun of and being picked on. But when he finds himself wrapped up in an adventure to bring magic back to the world he is all to eager to step up and do what is right… until the danger begins to elevate and he comes face to face with his own cowardice and his own mortality.

What’s a scene from Piercing the Veil that feels especially ‘bright’ to you?

“And what ideal is it you are willing to die for, Jeremy?” Erwin asked.

Jeremy hesitated, remembering the false look on his sister’s face. The same look that so many other people had, trying to hide their despair. “Hope.” He paused, letting that word marinate. “Hope. Isn’t that what we all want? To know that there’s good in the world. That somebody out there cares about us. That someone is willing to die so that others can live?” Jeremy paused and looked at Mercurio. This elf believed in him. He thinks I can really do this. Jeremy turned back to Erwin. “You’re a historian, Erwin. So, write this. The Gift Giver must be willing to die so that others may know that there is hope. The first Gift Giver died bringing hope to the world. Jeremy Goodson was willing to die too. And in doing so, he and his guardians journeyed to Kurgal to retrieve the Ring of Nikolaos. That’s how you need to start your chronicle.”

Erwin, still smiling, turned to Mercurio. “I believe him.”

Mercurio nodded and smiled.

In the interest of expressing hope, courage, of writing about redemption, or exploring what it really means for compassion, integrity, etc, it’s sometimes necessary to write some of the darker things in the world. What are some of your adventures tackling these difficulties?

Let’s face it, life is tough. There is darkness in the world. Noblebright stories are not about sugarcoating life, but highlighting that despite the darkness, there is light. There are those who will stand up, do what is right, and face the enemy no matter the cost. This is the beauty of being a storyteller. We can paint this picture of darkness and evil, depicting the atrocities that we shudder to think about, and then we get to raise up a hero to shine the light in the darkness.

What inspired you to write Noblebright?

To be honest, I didn’t know I was writing Noblebright when I started writing Piercing the Veil. I just knew that the central theme of the story was hope and that the main character, Jeremy, was going to be a “good guy”; someone who did the right thing, but yet was flawed in many ways.

What are a few books by other authors that really speak out to you? That you would recommend to readers wanting to explore the Noblebright genre? Or who are already familiar with it and love it?

Well, I’m actually pretty new to this genre. But I have made some good friends like Tiger Hebert, Jack Adkins, Deston Munden and David Trotter. There books have been added to my TBR list, not just because they have become my friends, but because their books sound awesome! Out of all of them, I’d say that Tiger Hebert’s “Beating Back the Darkness” series just screams Noblebright in its title. And I’ve read Deston’s “Tavern” novel when it first came out. I had no idea it was classified as Noblebright. But now that I am aware of the term, I can see why “Tavern” is in that category. Its a fun romp that gets ya in the feels.

I second the recommendation for Jack Adkins. Blood of a Dragon is a fun Noblebright read, if you want something with a bit of Dungeons and Dragons vibes (at least, as a non-DnD player, I think it has those!). Fun fantasy world, though, and very character-driven!

About Steven

As a child, the world was an uncomfortable place for Steven A. Guglich. It was like wearing an itchy sweater he just couldn’t take off. That was until the world only became a temporary stopover between realms. While other children played and pretended to be superheroes and characters from Star Wars, Steven created his own characters journeying
through that world. When Batman and Spider-Man came to save the day, Captain Justice assisted them. When his friends were Luke and Han, Steven was a Jedi Knight named Orion.

At 8 years old Steven was introduced to a game called Dungeons & Dragons. This opened up another realm of adventure for him to visit new worlds.

Steven’s Dad, Stanley, played a key role in the depth of his imagination. His Dad often told him fantastic stories and designed elaborate games for Steven and his friends. Some of the stories Stanley told involved him meeting and helping Santa Claus when he
was in the army. One story was so elaborate that Steven continued to believe in Santa Claus until he was in 6th grade. Imagine being the only student in your class who still believed in Santa Claus!

Strangely enough, Steven was not much of a reader prior to his freshman year. It was not until he visited the world of Xanth, with Piers Anthony as his tour guide, that his eyes were opened to the possibilities of longer visits to new worlds.

But it was not until he met the love of his life that his dream of being a writer would become more of a reality. Karen was all any man could ever ask for. She was smart, funny, and beautiful. During their courtship, Steven made it a priority to write Karen an encouraging email before he went to bed so that she would see it each morning before she left for work.

Four kids later and a move from New Jersey to North Dakota, Steven has been working hard on his first series, The Veil Saga.

In 2020 Steven was named Principal of the Year for North Dakota and inducted into the prestigious alum of the Nationally Distinguished Principals.

Karen still encourages him to write every day.

For more information on Steven’s books, please visit www.stevenguglich.com

Piercing the Veil

The Veil Saga, #1


Piercing the Veil by Steven A. GurglichThey say that legends are born, not made.

But for Jeremy Goodson and Masaru Hagen that is far from the truth. Confronted by something that
neither of them can explain, two complete strangers from opposite sides of the world embark on an
unforgettable journey that will forge them into living legends.

It has been almost 4,000 years since magic disappeared from the Earth. Hidden from humanity by the Veil, those who possess magic live in ancient settlements across the globe. Over the centuries, these beings have pierced the Veil, leaving behind glimpses and shadows of the fantastic and arcane.
Fueled by distant memories and humanity’s desire for wonder, familiar stories of myths and legends
have been passed down for thousands of years in nearly every culture and nation.

Jeremy Goodson, an average, overweight teacher in New York City finds his entire world turned upside down when a stranger tempts him to leave everything behind and start a journey that will test Jeremy’s mysterious gift and bring magic and hope back to humanity.

Masaru Hagen, the adopted son of American tech entrepreneurs living in Tokyo, has been guided by
an unseen voice all his life. On the eve of his twentieth birthday, the voice leads him across thousands of miles, on a mysterious and perilous mission he alone can undertake.

But there are principalities of this world that will do whatever they can to stop Jeremy and Masaru and keep magic out of the hands of humanity forever.
One of these men will bring hope to the world; the other will bring death. The world they once knew
will be changed forever, not only for themselves, but for everyone on Earth…and maybe not for the

Get Piercing the Veil Here


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