Saturday Art: Anjea (Anidril System, #1)


This series is likely to be interspersed with the “Art for HEART OF FIRE” series for a little while. I recently completed a bunch of pictures of the planets of my fantasy solar system, so I’m starting that series, while I wait on some character for Heart of Fire.

Anjea, first planet of the star Anidril in Raina Nightingale's Areaer universe; a small reddish world with a faint atmosphere and one moon.

This is Anjea, the first planet of my sun-like star Anidril. It circles Anidril about slightly more than once every two-thirds of a year, and is a faint reddish morning and evening star, sometimes associated with death and the spirit world. A small terrestrial planet with terrain that includes mountains and basins and just large enough to hold a very thin atmosphere, it has its own small moon.

This picture shows Anjea back-lit by the sun, with a faint twilight illuminating some of its features, and its moon hanging above it in a crescent phase, against a background of sparkling stars in the utter blackness beyond. Though Anjea is – and will remain – a very minor feature in the Areaer/Alaer/Anidril System novels, it is special and precious to me. It is not in any way an inferior and less important world for the fact that no animal or plant life will ever walk or take root there. Instead, it has a value all its own, that would actually be violated by trying to force it to be a world which it is not.

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