Moodboards and Launch: Kindred of the Sea is available!

Hello! This is the day Kindred of the Sea comes out! The ebook is still $2.99, it’s available from most retailers, including Amazon Kindle, and for some reason Amazon isn’t carrying the Illustrated Edition of the Paperback, so I’m going to have to figure out what I might be able to do about that. Here’s the link (I’ll repeat it again if you miss it), and now onto more interesting stuff! (But I might as well mention: this weekend I’m not going to have a book review for you, as I’m super busy with my launch.)

Here’s the back cover description:

When Corostomir and his partner march into battle and find themselves dreaming the dreams of trees, they know that all is not what it seems. . .

The Valor Alliance has declared war on Elethri, naming it haunt of demons and forest of the nightmare. But when the Valor Soldiers are driven back with enchantments of sleep and not with arrows, his partner, Aderan, and their friend soon convince Corostomir that a nation that will not shed the blood of its enemies, let alone that of its own people, cannot be in the thrall of the nightmare. Corostomir and Aderan must now make a difficult decision, one that is forced when the Valor Alliance sends the Army back to attack Elethri, this time by sea instead of land.

Kindred of the Sea is an enchanting tale about the love and intimacy possible in an asexual relationship and a trope-defying Portal Fantasy.

And here are some moodboards. I think they’re pretty (though I was not always able to get pictures that matched exactly what I wanted), but I tend to worry about  moodboards that they will give people the wrong impression, since I interpret images and vibes differently from a lot of people, or maybe my approach to making an aesthetic is just interesting! Either way, feast your eyes, but take them appropriately! 😀

moodboard for kindred of the sea

kindred of the sea fantasy moodboard

kindred of the sea fantasy mood

Here’s the Universal Link again. Get Kindred of the Sea here.

The Illustrated Edition is currently available from Barnes & Noble in the USA, and from Waterstones in the UK here. The Compact Edition (good for people who can read relatively small print and have limited budgets) is available from Amazon (the paperback link in the Universal Link will take you here) and from Barnes & Noble and Waterstones.

Other posts related to the Kindred of the Sea launch:

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Art for Kindred of the Sea: Emblem

The Kindred of the Sea

Cover Reveal: Kindred of the Sea

And here’s the cover for you. I love this cover.

cover of Kindred of the Sea, fantasy by Raina Nightingale

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