Cover Reveal: Kindred of the Sea

Finally, I am showing you the cover for Kindred of the Sea, coming June 24th!

Continue for more information!

cover of Kindred of the Sea, fantasy by Raina Nightingale

Look at that cover! I love it! I love the dolphin, I love the sun on the water, I love the colors!

Anyway, here’s the full description:

When Corostomir and his partner march into battle and find themselves dreaming the dreams of trees, they know that all is not what it seems. . .

The Valor Alliance has declared war on Elethri, naming it haunt of demons and forest of the nightmare. But when the Valor Soldiers are driven back with enchantments of sleep and not with arrows, his partner, Aderan, and their friend soon convince Corostomir that a nation that will not shed the blood of its enemies, let alone that of its own people, cannot be in the thrall of the nightmare. Corostomir and Aderan must now make a difficult decision, one that is forced when the Valor Alliance sends the Army back to attack Elethri, this time by sea instead of land.

Kindred of the Sea is an enchanting tale about the love and intimacy possible in an asexual relationship and a trope-defying Portal Fantasy.

You can preorder it here (though the ebook won’t be available from Amazon until the release, and the paperback preorders may take a few days to become active). The ebook is currently on a $2.99 presale!

And here’s my favourite quote:

“If someone holds my soul-friend to torture for a secret I keep, and he bids me do so, make no mistake: I will betray that secret. And if he bids me do so not, no power in the netherhells will force that secret from me.”

That’s from Aderan, the asexual lover of my main character, Corostomir!

I don’t know if I will be able to have content every weekend between now and the release, like I did for Sorceress of the Dryads, but I am going to try to post regular (next weekend and at least every other) content related to Kindred of the Sea between now and the launch on June 24th.

By the way, there are two editions of the Paperback. One of them has black and white illustrations, including a portrait of Corostomir and heading pictures for all thirty-six chapters. The cheaper one does not have any of the illustrations (though it does have a map), and the type is smaller, to provide an affordable option for those who much prefer reading in paper but have limited spending.

When I post more content, I will link it here. And here’s one last final moodboard:


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