Art for Kindred of the Sea: Emblem

Hello. Today I bring you a design I made of an emblem of a people or cult which features in my up-coming release, Kindred of the Sea. (You can see the cover reveal here).

an emblem of the Kindred of the Sea
An emblem taken by the Tears of Eseliana in the novel, Kindred of the Sea

This design is made by the Tears of Eseliana near the end of Kindred of the Sea, and I’m not sure whether all the reasons why might be considered a spoiler. But it indicates that a dragon has some significance to them, and of course the ocean features in every symbol and emblem they have ever used. This emblem indicates hope.

For the most part, the emblems of the Tears of Eseliana are carved into wood, not made into banners, and they are often worn under their clothes by sea mages brave enough to wear such condemning articles, as the Tears of Eseliana are an outlawed cult in the Valor Alliance, both for practicing mage-craft outside the purview of the official orders and for the reverence with which they hold motherhood and non-men. In the Tears of Eseliana culture, the priest-mage of the family is the mother, and the priest-mage of the people is one who is without gender, neither male nor female (though this has come to be confused with ‘unmarried woman’).

Kindred of the Sea launches on June 24th. I am trying to make a post every Saturday with an art piece featuring something in Kindred of the Sea, though I may not be able to make every week. You can preorder Kindred of the Sea here, and here are the previous posts:

Portrait of Corostomir, main character

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