Dolphin of the Moon: Art for Alaer

Hello! This is not exactly art for Kindred of the Sea, but it is art for Alaer, the new world introduced in Kindred of the Sea, so I figured it might sort of count. I made this piece a long time ago, and before I learned about GIMP, so I was still using a program that’s not really eve for making pictures!

Symbolic art of an Alaeran dolphin

There are two kinds of dolphins in Alaer: the colored dolphins, who usually come in a single pastel rainbow shade. They have some magical powers, including the power to call the Polar Lights when there’s enough of them. This is a much rarer moon dolphin. Moon dolphins are white-silver, and they have power from the moon and over the tides. Their power is greatest under the full moon, and weakest when no moonlight shines on the seas of Alaer. There are a number of colored dolphins in Kindred of the Sea, but no moon dolphins, though I’m currently in the initial stages of figuring out a story set wholly in Alaer that will feature the moon dolphins.

Kindred of the Sea, the first novel that includes Alaer and a sort of prequel to all Alaer novels, at least all Alaer novels that include humans, launches on June 24th. If you want to get it at the $2.99 presale price, you can preorder now from Kobo, B&N, Apple, or any other retailer that is currently live. The price after release will be $4.99, and it will go live on Kindle on the release date. You can preorder it from your favorite vendor here.

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