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This tag was co-created by Merie Shen. I found it on EG Bella with open tags. Thanks, EG!

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The Rules

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And now for the categories!

Cinderella” – A book that changed your life

Hind's Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard, a Christian allegory/myth.

I don’t know if Hind’s Feet on High Places so much changed my life as that it coincided with a change in my life, and I certainly feel like it was important. Significant. It’s a hard thing to talk about well, certainly to put succinctly, so if you’re interested in that, check out my post This Bright Journey: Leaving the Beaten Path Behind

Sleeping Beauty” – A book that took you forever to finish

Empress and Soldier by Marian L Thorpe, Alternate History Fantasy, alternate series starter, Empire's Legacy

Most people probably would not agree that it took me forever to finish Empress & Soldier, but compared to the way I usually read books, it did. In fact, I almost DNF’d it, and thought I had, but then decided to come back to it in a different mood, my interest renewed. (Read my full review here)

A Thousand and One Nights” – A book you could not stop reading

Wistful Ascending by JCM Berne, Turn One of the Hybrid Helexi, a Space Opera X Superhero story to provide superheroes for adults can be engaging without being dark or silly.

This would be Wistful Ascending. Not because I read it through the first time in particularly (for me) spectacular fashion! But because I couldn’t stop re-reading it for a while! I really loved and connected to Rohan, and there were some themes in the book I just can’t get enough of and find so rare! Maybe many of those themes, I don’t necessarily put them all to words, I just know they’re there, calling to me. (Read my full review here)

Little Red Riding Hood” – A book you recently read in an unfamiliar genre


Miss Percy's Pocket Guide to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons by Quenby Olson, a SPFBO 8 finalist, cozy fantasy

I’ve never read a book like Miss Percy’s Guide before, that’s for sure. For one, it’s set in England several hundred years ago, and I rarely read historical fiction/fantasy or anything set on earth. For another, the prose is something else, and I’m not altogether sure what I think about it. And for yet a third theme, I like fantasy with cozy/slice of life themes, which is part of why I picked it up, but usually not like this! I certainly enjoyed the theme of it’s never too late, you’re never old, to dream again and have an adventure, though.

The Wild Swans” – A book with your favorite sibling relationships

Between Starfalls by S. Kaeth, Children of the Nexus One, a multiple perspective high fantasy with a focus on relationships.

It almost feels like the four of them – Kaemada, Ra’ael, Takiyah, and Taunos – are siblings, but while they are a band, a group of very close friends, only Kaemada and Taunos are really brother and sister. Their relationship, their love and loyalty to one another, is absolutely endearing, and the mistakes they both have made – conversely, out of a desire to protect and do the best for the other – are dealt with sensitively. (Read my full review here)

Snow White” – A book filled with beautiful prose

Obsidian: Awakening - an epic grimdark fantasy with historical and non-european inspirations. A multiple perspective story about trauma, agony, and love.

I frankly don’t pay a lot of conscious attention to prose, but Obsidian: Awakening is a smooth and beautiful read, and Sienna is the one who described things about prose that I’d been unconsciously doing already. I think I might have her to blame for the fact that (I think?) I am writing a bit slower now that I’m aware of it, though I still don’t (and doubt I ever will) value good prose the way she does. Still, it’s one of those touches that takes ambiguous words and brings settings, emotions, and people alive with them. (Read my full review here)

Rapunzel” – A book that you procrastinated on reading after buying

Followed by Fire, an epic dark humor fantasy by McKenzie Austin, author of the Incineration Saga and The Tree That Grew Through Iron and the Panagea Tales.

I’m not sure I procrastinate exactly – I’m a bit of a mood reader, and while I’m very comfortable with paperbacks and love to read, so if it is a paperback I typically have to actively restrain myself from reading it if I want that to take some time, I got it as an ebook. So it just took me a while to be in the mood to get to Followed By Fire. After all, romances aren’t my first thing to read, usually. But I enjoyed it well enough when I got to it. (Read my full review here)

The Little Mermaid” – A book that took you on a magical journey

The Hidden King by EG. Radcliff, a Young Adult Fantasy with Fae and coming of age tropes. SPFBO semi-finalist.

I’m not really sure what this one means, so I’ve decided that it means a book I had a dream about. I do dream about books sometimes, usually in 3rd person, and every now and then it’s a book I’ve read (or one on the To-Be-Read list). In this case, Aed and Ninian came alive to me and got me so invested in them from the preview, that I had a dream about them before I ever read the book. (Read my full review here)

The Frog Prince” – A book that you’d like to turn into a frog because you hated it so much

Curse Breakers 1-3 by Melinda Kucsera, high fantasy omnibus with crystal magic and an enchanted forest.

Normally I wouldn’t do a negative one like this most days, but recently I read a book I’m pretty upset about. I wouldn’t have any inclination at all to turn Curse Breakers into a frog except that I loved Book One, Enchanted, so much. I was falling more and more in love with it, until when I got to the resolution, I was seriously considering this might become a new favorite series. Something seriously so good I’d talk about it forever, and it captured some of those things I really look for in a book and seriously can almost never find. But then Book Two was a nightmare, far more gruesome than I thought it had to be or than Enchanted suggested it could be, and it has magic crucifixes in it, a trope I really hate and thought did not belong in what felt like an original fantasy world with a really cool magic and setting up until then. And then Book Three did not fix anything for me, so … yeah, make me love a book like that, and then spoil it? Not many things frustrate me more, at least in the world of books.

Peter Pan” – A book that reminds you of your childhood

Dragonsong by Anne MacCaffrey, Author of the Dragonriders of Pern; book one of the Harper Hall Trilogy, slice of life fantasy about a girl who loves music in a society with that's taboo for women and bonds to nine tiny dragons called fire-lizards.

I’ll have to pick Dragonsong for this one. I’m not sure if it so much reminds me of my childhood, but it’s very special to me, mostly for when I first came upon it, though delightful, vivid characters, a slice of life story, and dragons who aren’t evil is definitely a big part of it! And of course, I like music, too ….

The Goose Girl” – A book you had low expectations for, but ended up loving

A Bond of Thread by Allegra Pescatore and J.P Burnison, The Mountain Fell Book One, a high fantasy fae romance with complex characters.

Loving is a strong word. Or it might be. And I read A Bond of Thread too recently (last night, as I am writing this) to know if I can apply it at this point. I certainly enjoyed reading it. And I did have rather low expectations, due to that cover and my general avoidance of both romance and steamy romance (though a little steam doesn’t bother me). But I found Ilyas and Skye to be quite enjoyable main characters, each in their own right!

Hansel and Gretel” – A book that made you hungry

Breaker by Amy Campbell, a weird high fantasy with pegasi, shy cowboys who bake, and lots of other magical creatures. Book One of the Tales of the Outlaw Mages. YA-like fantasy.

Books don’t make me hungry. Not in any sense of the word that I’m aware of. But the Breaker is also a Baker, and if you could actually smell them, his baked goods might make you hungry. And then they might satisfy your hunger. (Read my full review here)

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