Saturday Art: Malchoris, the Lone Star

We’re taking a break from Heart of Fire-related art for a minute or two, but I still have an Art Saturday for you, featuring a recent digital drawing I did. This one relates most directly to the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy.

Art of Malchoris, by Raina Nightingale. A gigantic  blue star in the lonely reaches of the universe. Fantasy art and stars.
Malchoris, the lone star; by Raina Nightingale

This is Malchoris, a giant blue star out in the far reaches of the galaxy – where no other individual stars are visible, and the distant galaxies are faint. The universe of the Areaer novels is not confined even to the system of Areaer’s star, Anidril, and personal magic is predominant everywhere. Stars, like so much else, can be persons, even if not usually people a human could relate to – or even be aware of as persons.

But Malchoris appears in DragonWing, because Aelaza, the Ellena – a creature with a very different relationship to time than stars or humans; you can read more about the Ellenari here – dedicated to Silmavalien also knows Malchoris. In fact, she was the one who had to help him (though it is rather silly to associate gender of any sort with a star) gather the material from which he was supposed to born, after it had been scattered by the Nightmare across the reaches of space, far from all that forms the usual environment of a young star, and Aelaza has a feeling that seeing Malchoris will help Silmavalien with some of the struggles she has to deal with, and that Malchoris will be glad of Silmavalien’s brief company – though they can only even be aware of each other through her power.

You can get DragonBirth, the first book in the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy here.

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You can also find out more about the series, and how I came to write Return of the Dragonriders – and even visit Areaer at all – here.

Return of the Dragonriders by Raina Nightingale, fantasy trilogy, illustrated omnibus edition: DragonBirth, DragonWing, DragonSword. In a world where dragons are hated and feared, a young villager's life is changed forever when she meets a dragon hatchling. A red-winged black dragon flying upwards out of an overflowing volcanic lake.


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