Pride and Prejudice Book Tag

Note to you all: this tag is supposed to be based or inspired off Pride and Prejudice. I picked it up from Sifa Elizabeth’s blog, because I thought it sounded cool. I haven’t read Pride and Prejudice myself. Not only have I not read it, I have not even tried to read it.

The Bennet Sisters

A Mixed Bag: A Book or Series with an Eclectic Cast of Characters

For this one, I’m going to choose Breaker/Tales of Breaker, Tales of the Outlaw Mages, by Amy Campbell: a young man and a black pegasus in a dusty, desert-colored scene.the Outlaw Mages by Amy Campbell. There’s certainly a lot of variety among the characters! Blaise, Jack, and Jefferson are all each other’s complete opposites in a number of ways, and the dynamics between them can get pretty complicated. And it doesn’t end with those three main point of view characters. Besides, the deeper we get in the world of the Outlaw Mages, the more it appears it is splatted from all kinds of magical creatures, from mythical pegasi and kelpies, to never-before-heard-of grasscats.

Charlotte Lucas

The Best Friend: A Dependable Series you can Always Turn To

My first pick for this one is the same as my first pickMagic's Pawn, The Last Herald-Mage, by Mercedes Lackey: a boy desperately clutching a Companion, a white horse, on a dark and stormy night. for the last prompt (so you will get something else for the last prompt): The Last Herald-Mage by Mercedes Lackey. I’ve loved every one of the three books so much. I almost never have favourites, but this series is one of them. It’s also one of the first love stories I ever really enjoyed! I love Vanyel – and his horse-like Companion, Yfandes.

Mr Darcy

The Unexpected Surprise: A Book or Series You Didn’t Originally Like, but Grew to Love

There have not been a whole lot of books or series IThe Sword in the Street by C.M. Caplan: a man in dark clothing holding a scroll and a shining fencing sword running through a city with the sunset light behind it. didn’t like at first, but then really enjoyed. Perhaps because I have to be/am so careful with doing my best to try to pick books I will enjoy, and one of the ways to do that is read the preview. Which is from the beginning. I don’t know if The Sword in the Street counts? I really enjoyed my read, but it was one of the few I’ve got that I didn’t preview, and I just could not get into the first chapter … as a first chapter. I ended up reading it from the last chapter backwards, chapter by chapter, and really enjoying the journey. Which is thoughtful! I’ll write a review sometime soon-ish.

Lacy Catherine De Bourg

The Intimidating Aristocrat: A Book or Series that Intimidates you

The Drowned Kingdom Saga by P.L. Stuart. I’m A Drowned Kingdom by P.L. Stuart: an intertwined golden triangle and circle over a quiet aquamarine seainterested in how it turns out, but I don’t think I can put up with Othrun’s point of view for another seven books, and they’re not particularly short books, either. Plus, Othrun is a prince who’s a bit of an arrogant jerk and I could see him being pretty intimidating, so it fits on all counts, I think, since I think a prince qualifies as an aristocrat?

Mr Bingley

Honest yet Easily Led: A Character you think Deserves a lot of Love

Alex from Demon’s Song/The Requiem of Stone Demon's Song by Julie Boglish: breaking chains hold up the words for the title, in front of a city arranged like a wedding cake.series by Julie Boglisch. He’s so trusting, and so compassionate. Not only does he not have a mean bone in his body, he doesn’t have a violent one! But I’m not sure ‘easily led’ is the right descriptor for him, since he can be pretty strong-willed when he chooses to be and choose his own path.

Mr Collins

Awkward and a little Socially Inept: A Hyped/Popular Book/Series You have Not Read

The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Or A Song of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan: Book One, The Eye of the WorldIce and Fire. Or – or – I don’t know, lots and lots and lots of things! I honestly read very, very little of what’s really hyped or popular. Not on purpose, but it’s the way it happens. Most of it just isn’t what draws my attention.

The Gardiners

Steady Voices of Reason: Characters you would Turn To for Advice

Turn to for advice? I’m really not sure. I don’t thinkEmpire's Bard by Marian L. Thorpe: a bard holding a lute with a shining word behind him, on a rock overlooking a landscape of muted colors with the sun behind a cloud about the characters I read in that way! I mean, I can’t, can I, even? But I can read the books, and learn from that! So I’ll reinterpret it that way. These aren’t characters I’d turn to for advice, but a book that helped me think about some of my feelings about some things – like character and integrity, and that’s all I’m ever going to tell anyone.

I present, Empire’s Bard, by Marian L Thorpe, with characters Sorley, Lena, and Cillian, among others. Who, I guess, could each be asked for advice about things of some sorts.

Mr Wickham

The Deceiver: A Book that did not Live Up to your Expectations

Can I change this to series? Most of the other Cover for Birth of the Firebringer by Meredith Ann Pierce; a sable unicorn struggling with a serpent in the midst of ruddy, fiercy colorsprompts specify that, and it’s only a trilogy, not like the 13, 17 book series that sometimes happen!

The Firebringer Trilogy. I loved book one, The Birth of the Firebringer. And book two, Dark Moon, was okay-ish, and book three, Son of the Summer Stars, – there were good things about it, but there were also a lot of things I really did not enjoy.

Georgiana Darcy

Shy and Naïve but Friendly: An Underhyped/Under-represented Book

Almost everything I read is this, since I don’t read aCover for the Age of Fire; glowing words; nighttime colors; an elf-like man about to be stung by a scorpion in the woods lot of hyped books. But I don’t know what that I read is most like this, since I’m not sure how to tell how hyped or represented a book is! And, if my experience with SPFBO books is anything to go by … I’ve only read one finalist, though I have read quite a few semi-finalist. I think that just made my decision. I’ll share one I liked that did not make semi-finalist and I don’t know that it’s done well in any other ways.

Dust of a Moth’s Wing is quite a bit different from the ordinary fantasy in its protagonist and its pacing, but I’ve really enjoyed both of those about it!

Colonel Foster’s Regiment

Sure to Liven Up any Party: Book/Series You Always Recommend

Since I already mentioned my top choice for an Cover for Between Starfalls; grey-blue white colorscheme with a wolf companion and huntress on ice.earlier prompt, here’s my second: Between Starfalls (and Let Loose the Fallen, #2 of the Children of the Nexus series) by S. Kaeth. These are really cool books that deal with some neat characters with different backgrounds, experiences, and life journeys, and with themes of hope, redemption, and choice in a world that sometimes seems certain to break them – built to break hope. They each have different journeys of hope and love!


Tags: Anyone who would like to participate. Also Marian L Thorpe, Mariella Hunt, Julia Witmer, and E.G. Bella.

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