Wailing Wight

The Wailing Wight is one of the rarer of the Nightmare creatures and is also known as the Elven Bane or sometimes an ice wraith. It is often considered to be the lesser cousin of the Abysstreader, sometimes by those who do not believe in Abysstreaders. It is one of the Nightmare creatures less deadly to humans, though it can still kill them, as its presence is cold and can cause frostbite, and it is very difficult to deter with normal weapons – and even weapons such as the elf-swords, forged to combat it, are minimally effective. However, it is especially deadly to the elves, though elves are often minimally affected by the presence of certain other – usually more common – nightmare creatures.

It is not certain whether either legend is true, but there are two stories about the operation of a Wailing Wight among the elves. One is that any elf frozen in its embrace will become another Wailing Wight, and that the only way to avoid this is to commit suicide. Some believe this suicide must be committed with an elf-sword. Another version is that the Wailing Wight primarily kills elves by convincing them to suicide and that it is through their own suicide that they become Wailing Wights. It is said that they have only been defeated once, by the greatest elf Singer of legend.

The primary element of the Wailing Wights is despair.

The Ice-Wraith: Art for Children of the Dryads

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