The Ice-Wraith: Art for Children of the Dryads

Hello. I have decided that, in addition to posting whatever essays I happen to write, I am going to post every piece of art I get for my novels or world, along with something about the art and its place in the novel or world. I am going to start with my latest piece of art, but when I don’t get any new ones for some time, I will do this for older ones that have already been on my site for a while.

First, the picture:

a picture of an ice wraith, also of a scene in the fantasy novel, Children of the Dryads
The ice wraith, also known as a wailing wight or the Elven Bane, that Tara-lin faces in the tunnels under Nightshade Castle.

The ice wraith is one of the numerous creatures of the Nightmare, the force of fear and all the horrors that comes of fear, that is the villain and enemy of the entire universe in which Areaer is one beautiful planet. They are one of the most deadly of these monsters to the elves, singing a song of despair, horror, and torture that is incredibly difficult for elves to resist, though they have little effect on humans. Some consider them to be lesser cousins to the dreaded and legendary Abysstreaders, which have a similar appearance and annihilate all that they touch. The picture above is from a scene in Children of the Dryads, in which the half-elf Singer, Tara-lin, encounters one in the tunnels around Nightshade Castle in the Icecrown Mountains.

Here is an excerpt from that scene:

Suddenly, a mighty chill swept over Tara-lin. She recognized the presence of some creature of the Nightmare. Where could she hide? Where could she go? Nowhere. The passage was not wide enough for her to get out of the way. She drew forth the elf-sword, and its ephemeral purple flames lighted the dark passage. For a moment she felt comforted, then she sensed a deeper shade coming down the passage.

The chill deepened. Cold raced up her arms and legs. Her blood seemed turned to ice. Her mind was altered, too.

Excerpted from Children of the Dryads, Copyright © 2021 Raina Nightingale

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