Eldor of Kestrel, Valor Knight

Eldor comes from the House of Kestrel, a wealthy family of the Valor Alliance known for the horses they breed and sell. As a young man, he joined the Valor Hall and took the Valor Oath, to defend the free peoples of the north against the horror that dwells in the Icecrown Mountains. Every skill is to be utilized to its utmost. He has some facility with many weapons, is fairly good with the bow and the sword, and is competent at wilderness survival and stealth.

He met the elf huntress, Lìrulin, on a desperate mission into the Icecrown Mountains and Nightshade Castle itself, where she proved herself invaluable to the success of the mission and his survival. They fell in love and he requested leave to spend some time with his spouse. They went to Elethri, where their daughter, Tara-lin, was born.

Eldor is dedicated and devoted. He describes himself as having been no more or less religious than any other man in his youth, but he says that his experience in Nightshade Castle changed him, making him both and less religious. Keeping his oaths is important to him, but it is keeping the spirit in which he made them that matters most, not the rules. He loves his family very much.

Eldor appears in both books of the Legend of the Singer Duology (and in a new book I am writing about how he and Lìrulin met and fell in love).

Posts about Eldor:

Portrait of Eldor, Human Father of Tara-lin (Art for the Legend of the Singer Duology)

Eldor, young man with very dark hair and beard and brown eyes that could almost be hazel; light brown skin
Portrait of Eldor (approximate; made with Artbreeder)

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