Return to the Light: Author Interview with Jack Adkins (Noblebright Spotlight)

Hello! It is almost Christmas, and today we have Jack Adkins with us. Jack Adkins is a seasoned veteran of Dungeons & Dragons and many other RPG games, who’s finally gotten around to sharing the imaginative stories he’s been spinning for over thirty years with the world. I recently had the privilege of reading (and enjoying, obviously!) his first novel, The Blood of a Dragon, and it’s on a 99cent sale from now until Christmas.

But you might care more about that after you get to know a little about Jack and how The Blood of a Dragon expresses noblebright themes.

What does the genre/word ‘Noblebright’ mean to you?

For me, Noblebright harkens back to a time when good and evil were clearly defined and easily identified. When heroes emerged to give of themselves to fight the forces of darkness.

The first part was ever, for more than a few people? And the second part is not always (however unrecognized or unknown they may be)? (Sorry; I couldn’t resist making that comment).

Tell us something about your story that shows us a glimpse of how you express that in your books.

My first trilogy centers around a very self-centered, anti-hero type character, Anuka. He has fallen into a criminal life where he has learned to thrive. Throughout the course of this trilogy he learns the value of friendship, altruism, and fighting for those weaker than yourself.

Give us a quote, a scene, or a theme from your book that feels ‘bright’ to you.

“Excuse me,” Ember offered meekly with a rub of his hand over one ear. “Have you seen the Minothos, Kikkabar, walking around?”

“I have,” Crenthys said.

“After fighting those Dragon Dogs-that is what I am calling them,” he raised a finger at Tabir to forestall his objection, Ember turned back to Crenthys. “Afterward, he lay in a pool of his blood in much worse shape than Kelios. Tabir…helped him. And now he is sound enough to walk.”

Crenthys squinted her eyes together and tilted her head to one side, looking at Tabir. “How?”

Smiling warmly, the pale Elf laid his hands on her arm comfortingly, “Faith.”

“But I have none of that,” Crenthys said, her jaw set, her look serious.

“Few do. I, by Rathune’s grace, have faith enough for all of us.”

In the interest of expressing hope, courage, of writing about redemption, or exploring what it really means for compassion, integrity, etc, it’s sometimes necessary to write some of the darker things in the world. How do you tackle this?

Anuka’s world is a very harsh world. Not everyone makes it. Those who are strong or smart survive.

This attitude is an important part of my story because it is often contrasted with Crenthys (a born leader with intrinsic concern for others), Kelios (a misplaced noble with high moral ideals), and Tabir (the only priest of a forgotten god who gives all he has to those in need).

Skies, I really loved Kelios. And Tabir. And Anuka. hehe.

Why do you write noblebright?

It’s what I love to read. The Solamic Knights of DragonLance, the struggling fallen hero of The Tainted Sword. These tales formed an ideology of a nobility that servers others.

A perfect reason to write!

How does writing stories about noblebright themes affect the way you present characters, or what makes villains and protagonists?

The world isn’t cut and dry and the worst villains are people with their own ideas of what is right. In Noblebright, I have a concept of good that the actions of all characters can be measured against.

How do noblebright themes affect or express themselves in your worldbuilding?

I believe that mankind is born into depravity. We aren’t innately good creatures. But instead of exploring that darkness and it’s depths, I like to write about how we can come out of that darkness and into the light.

What are a few books by other authors that really speak out to you or that you would recommend to readers either wanting to explore the noblebright genre or who already love it?

The Sum of Ages trilogy by Benjamin Schwarting is very good. It’s a creature feature (like my books) with odd races in a world headed for disaster. The only hope is for the people to return to the light.

The Beating Back the Darkness series by Tiger Hebert is another great example of Noblebright fantasy. It’s about a world that has lost it’s way and allowed an ancient evil to creep in. It has very heroic characters and a strong focus on hope.

About Jack Adkins

Jack Adkins has been spinning tales for over thirty years. He is a seasoned veteran of Dungeons and Dragons, Top Secret, Vampire, MechWarrior, and almost every RPG in between. Jack has finally gotten around to sharing his unique humor and imaginative stories with the world. Before he began writing novels Jack enjoyed building lightsabers with his four boys, moving props and equipment for the marching band, and studying Reformation Era Christian Theology. In his spare time, Jack has built a twenty-five-year IT career.

Jack Adkin’s Website

The Blood of a Dragon

The Dragons of Dorwine, #1

On 99cent sale through Christmas Day!

The Blood of a Dragon by Jack Adkins: a black dragon with a fiery eye, bleedingAnuka Sandbar is the most interesting half-goblin alive. Just ask him.

Anuka’s father is a ship captain, retired Naval Commander, and genius engineer. Anuka is just a daring, handsome, witty, red-skinned, dagger-wielding entertainer. When Papa disappears, Anuka sets out to find him. While sailing to a sleazy port city to begin his search, Anuka and some unlikely companions are enslaved by pirates.

They wind up the property of an emissary for the Silver DragonLord, Shimmer. The emissary offers them manumission if they discover the source of massive amounts of illegal DragonsBlood flooding the country. DragonsBlood is the most valuable currency on the continent and is the source of all magic in the land.

With different Dragon factions on the precipice of war, revealing the truth could mean the destruction of the mortal civilization.

What will these unlikely heroes do when their failure means enslavement but their success could lead to a war between the gods?

Get The Blood of a Dragon Now!

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