Book Tag: Cosy Autumn

It’s nearly Winter, but not quite! So here’s a Cosy Autumn Book Tag. I was tagged by Sifa Elizabeth and the tag was created by The Book Belle

What book always reminds you of Autumn?

The Wild Court by E.G. Radcliff takes place in Autumn, and that’s not accidental to the events of the book!

The Wild Court by EG Radcliff, Dark YA Fantasy Romance, Celtic-Inspired, Fae.

What is your favourite autumnal book cover?

It would have to be Goldsong, I think. The title is Autumnal, don’t you think? And the cover has those golden colours, even if it isn’t an outdoors cover so there’s no real way to tell. And I think it’s also a very appropriate cover for the Winter coming in, since I’m doing this tag so late.

Goldsong by Beth Hudson, Book One of the Sagathas Bard; fall colours and a cosy winter setting.

What is your favourite autumnal drink to read with?

I don’t have one! I don’t read with drinks.

Do you prefer to read late at night or early in the morning?

Neither? But late at night. Because I don’t like to be interpreted in the middle of something when I can help it, and otherwise I might forget what I’m supposed to be doing!

Halloween is [past]; what’s your favourite spooky read?

Spooky. Huh. I don’t read a lot of spooky. But there are some spooky creatures (depending on how you want to define that!) in Dust of a Moth’s Wing by R. Ramey Guerrero. And Struggling with the Current isn’t a spooky read, but I think it’s the only cover I have that looks a bit … spooky, you know? Though there is a monster on Dust’s cover, but still, I think Struggling’s cover looks more spooky?

Also, there’s some spooky necromancy in Breaker, but it doesn’t have a spooky or monstrous cover at all!

Dust of a Moth's Wing, The Age of Fire: a giant scorpion monster poised to sting.Struggling with the Current by ARK Horton, epic fantasy trilogy book one: a naked woman on a bed surrounded by octopi tentacles.Breaker, Tales of the Outlaw Mages, #1 by Amy Campbell, with lots of pegasi and sugary treats!


What is your ultimate comfort read?

Seriously? One of my books. Most of the time.

Something emotionally and intellectually engaging (or that I find that way). Something that’s a little challenging, but definitely has themes of redemption and hope. Something that, more or less, reflects my world-view: that’s similar to the way I see the world and doesn’t force me to wiggle my way through divisions and categories that don’t make any sense to me at all and bend the ones I do see. And, honestly, this is really, really rare to find.

Otherwise, something not too deep but with characters that aren’t flat and with world-building that catches my imagination. A prime example of one of these is The Iron Crown by L.L. MacRae. I loved the dragon spirits! The problem with these, however, is that I’m likely to read the book once, maybe a second time sometime later, but other than that, not very much.

Some reads I regularly return to are The Last Herald-Mage books by Mercedes Lackey and Phantastes by George MacDonald.

The Iron Crown by L.L. MacRae, SPFBO 7 finalist, dragon spirits book one, comfort readMagic's Price by Mercedes Lackey, The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy, Vanyel and Yfandes and Valdemar.Phantastes by George MacDonald, A Faerie Romance; rich, dreamlike, spiritual novel.

What is your favourite autumnal reading snack?


What is your favourite autumnal candle to burn?

I’m not really a candle-burning person.

When you are not reading, what’s your favourite autumnal activity?

When it’s bright and sunny outside? The outdoors is nice! – Or it could be art. Either written art or visual art. Those are good things to do, and Autumn, in my life, tends to be a good time for them! Except, this Autumn so far, I’ve mostly been reading – but there are some pieces of art I really ought to get to. Some illustrations I need to get done!

What’s on your autumn reading list?

Since it’s already Autumn, should I mention a few things I’ve already read? I should mention, I don’t keep very good track of what I read when, so this isn’t the full list. 😀


Things Unseen by C.J. Brightley

The Dragon That Never Was by Timothy S. Currey

Empire’s Heir by Marian L Thorpe

Wistful Ascending by JCM Berne

We Free the Stars by Hafsah Faizal

To-Be-Read (if I get around to them all, which I might not, and also I might get some other books and read those instead):

Followed By Fire by McKenzie Austin

Asrian Skies by Anne Wheeler

Living Waters by Dan Fitzgerald

I’ve also got two books I’m beta reading.

I tag Jo Linsdell and anyone else who wants to participate.

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