Book Tag: Paws for Thoughts

This tag is originally by Books and Traveling with Lynn, from whom I took it.

The puppy, illegally cute, will eventually grow into it’s paws and ears, will chew your shoes, possibly your clothes and the table legs and demand all your attention before curling up to sleep exhausted.

** The most recent book that you read and loved **

The Wild Court by E.G. Radcliff. Honestly, it could be the whole Coming of Àed trilogy. I absolutely loved the characters and really felt them in The Last Prince and The Hidden King – as for The Wild Court, there were things about it that I didn’t love so much, but there were some things about it that I love SOOO much and that I practically can never find! Plus, The Wild Court is definitely the most recent one of these that I read!

The Wild Court by E.G. Radcliff, dark noblebright epic YA fantasy; fiery axes against a symbol of intertwined circles outlined in lighter green against a dark background


The Retriever, intelligent, hard working hunters with a love of life believed to have originated in Scotland.

** A book that was carefully planned, clearly well researched and was intelligent and thought provoking **

I’m not sure how I would know that a book was carefully planned or well researched (though I might sometimes know the opposite), but Empire’s Bard by Marian L Thorpe was a book that I found to be personally thought provoking.

Empire's Bard by Marian L. Thorpe, Historical Fantasy Ancient Rome collection


Poodle, the aristocrat of the canine world.  A proud and elegant athlete.

** A book with a beautiful cover **

This is absolutely my kind of cover …

Windward by S. Kaeth, high fantasy, slice of life and epic, with dragons; a gorgeous cover showing a dragon flying high in a blue sky strewn with a few clouds.

The German Shepherd, an all purpose working dog, loyal and courageous.

** A book that gave you a strong case of the heebie jeebies.  You needed all your courage to pick this one up **

I don’t know what the heebie jeebies are, and if this is a Horror reference – I don’t read that. It is one genre I won’t touch. Regardless. But I did recently pick up a book that, under most circumstances, I wouldn’t touch. Unseen Things by C.J. Brightley is a dystopian urban Christian fantasy, so it’s a bunch of things I only rarely pick up, with a cover that certainly would not encourage me to give it a try. But I’m in a Discord where the author shared some series spoilers that made me really interested, so I took the leap to try it. It’s definitely interesting.

Things Unseen by C.J. Brightley: Christian noblebright dystopian urban fantasy. Cover shows a busy street with strange and giant wolf-like creatures weaving between traffic in rain and mist.


Lakeland terrier, a ‘big dog in a small package’

** A book with great characters  **

I try to read books with great characters. Deathborn by C.E. Page is a book I read almost entirely for its characters that leapt off the page at me, and one in particular of whom felt so real I could feel his presence.

Deathborn by C.E. Page, Sovereigns of Bright and Shadow book one, epic fantasy series with a majestic, magical cover.


Rottweiler, descendent of the Roman mastiffs, playful and protective.

** A book based on ancient history **

I feel weird listing the same author twice, but this prompt could almost have been written for Empire’s Heir by Marian L Thorpe, a recent read that I really loved and that I might have debated giving The Most Recent Book That You Read And Loved, except that this prompt so obviously fits. Built in a world inspired and based on many elements of Ancient Rome, this book is about a princess and, among other things, her choice to marry or not marry the Prince, the son of an Empress, who is about to invested with the power of the Emperor as he comes of age.

Empire's Heir by Marian L. Thorpe: historical fantasy with royalty, family relationships, and political intrigue.


Greyhound, gentle and independent, a dog that embodies the saying ‘form follows function’.  Bred for speed.

** A book that was fast paced and kept you racing to the end **

Fast paced isn’t really my thing, but I think Tethered Spirits by T.A. Hernandez was pretty fast paced. And I most certainly did not DNF it! Given how fast I read books in general, I don’t think I really read it that fast. Which does not mean it was not fast ….

Tethered Spirits by T.A. Hernandez, YA high fantasy, SPFBO 8 finalist.


Dachshund, these dogs are not necessarily built for speed but they are relentlessly persistent.  Quite often known as ‘the sausage dog’.

** A book that made you hungry – this is a book that you need to stock up on treats before you crack it open**

The only way books make me hungry is if I read them and forget to eat! But if you want to read a book that lots of delicious baked goods in it, you could try Breaker by Amy Campbell. It’s about a young Breaker mage who’s great passion is baked goods, everything from simple bread to the most intricate pastries. Naturally, his baking gets mentioned a number of times throughout the series.

Breaker by Amy Campbell, high fantasy western with cute pegasus, cowboys, specialized mages, and an asexual protagonist.


The  Mixed breed or “Heinz 57” as its sometimes affectionately known, this is a dog of indeterminate breed.  Generally speaking such dogs are believed to live longer and suffer less hereditary diseases and will you just look at that face. I have a serious case of ‘cute aggression’ coming on..

** This is a book with a bit of everything going on. Could be lots of different elements/POVs or a collection of stories **

This one almost sounds as if it were made for Dust of a Moth’s Wing by R. Ramey Guerrero. It’s got a little political intrigue, an epic world-shaking stakes fantasy adventure quest, a sprinkling of portal fantasy, a weave of “slice of life” and personal stakes, and a lot of different PoVs going.

Dust of a Moth's Wing, epic fantasy series by R. Ramey Guerrero with nonhumans, elemental magic, politics, epic stakes, and personal slice of life stakes.


The French Bulldog, enjoying great popularity at the moment. Playful and adorable and loved by City dwellers who have less space. 

** A book that is irresistibly cute **

I’m not really sure what cute is, but this is cute in the sense of dogs, not romance, right? That makes things a bit easier. Still not sure what to pick though, since I unfortunately can’t think of anything really cute and cuddly in that way, right now. That doesn’t already have a place somewhere else in here, because I might list the same author twice, but not the same book twice!

Maybe Dragonsdawn by Anne McCaffrey? The relationship between Sorka and the first queen, Faranth, is irresistibly … cute. Actually, Carenath is cute, too, and all the dragons. I wouldn’t exactly call it a cute book though. Whatever that is, I’m pretty sure it’s not Dragonsdawn.

Dragonsdawn by Anne McCaffrey, Dragonriders of Pern origin story, science fantasy


The Portuguese Podengo, alert and independent.  A breed of hunting dog believed to have descended from dogs brought to Portugal by Phoenician merchants.

** A book that is a standalone **

Novellas excepting, Echo: The Curse of the Blackwood Witches by Yasmine Maher is my most recent standalone read. I think.

Echo: The Curse of the Blackwood Witches by Yasmine Maher, urban fantasy with witches and found family.


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the nobility of Dogdom with a silky coat, mild temper and graceful athleticism.

** A book with Kings and Queens or something historic **

Does it have to be Kings and Queens, or does just Kings, either male or female, count? Goldsong by Beth Hudson is the story of Traedis, a Bard and the female King of Tolin, the once-City of Assassins. I loved this sweet story with a world full of magic and a stubborn, idealistic protagonist.

Goldsong by Beth Hudson, Young Adult Middle Grade Epic Fantasy with a sweet heroine, noblebright and family friendly, with a homely cover.


Finally.  Old faithful.  This is the dog that has been your steadfast companion over the years. Lies with it’s head on your foot so that it knows when you move, scents you out no matter where you are and waits patiently.  Is the first to greet you in the morning and the last at night and is always happy to see you.

** A book that you’ve read many times, you could pick this book up and just let the pages fall open to where they may and dive right in **

The Last Herald-Mage trilogy by Mercedes Lackey. Without a doubt. There may be – are – others, but this is certainly one. You may have noticed I mention it a lot 😀

Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey, the Last Herald-Mage book one, Heralds of Valdemar, YA-Adult Fantasy Favourite.

I am leaving the tags open, as Lynn did, and I would love to see your answers!

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