#IndieApril Updates and Expectations – and Narratess Sale

April comes around.

Narratess Indie April Speculative Fiction Banner

First off, I entered the first ever Indie April Narratess Sale with Children of the Dryads. That’s a sale of 99cent and 1.99cent independently published science fiction that will be taking place from April 18nth to April 22nd. So be looking for that. I will post an update/reminder just before the sale when I get the link for the sale website. For now, here are the graphics (so you can see a bit of what’s there; obviously, the books shown here are not all of them).


I am also excited to deliver the news that I have updated the ebook files for the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy. (You can find out more about the series here.) The formatting is now personalized and slightly stylish, and it is illustrated with full-color concept art of some of the settings, as well as character art (most – but not every one – of the illustrations can also be found on my website; the paperback will never have color illustrations, I expect). The Ebooks are also now available from Amazon Kindle and Apple Ebooks, as well as everywhere else they used to be available from.

I still have not picked a Cover Reveal and Release Date for Kindred of the Sea, but I am working on those, and expect to have them ready by next month’s updates, if I don’t post updates before then. With regards to writing progress, I made notable progress in both the Slave-to-Dragonrider WIP and the Lìrulin-and-Eldor Romance WIP. I don’t think I did much in the Dawn-song Book Two. However, I wrote a yet-unnamed short story from the perspective of a gryphon that the Valor Hall tries to use to get information from the mind of a prisoner who other methods are not getting anything out of. I will be making that available as a free ebook sometime, but it will probably have to wait until after Kindred of the Sea comes out. (This page has some details about the WIPs.)

And the graphic art update: I’ve been doing almost exclusively digital art lately, after actually getting GIMP; it’s fun to learn how it works and how to use it! I’ve finally got my first character art with it done. It’s nearly my first solo character art; most of my other pieces have been done with a friend who works in pencil. You can see my post about that here:

Character Art of Lyan and Shobura from Sorceress of the Dryads

I think that is it for this month’s updates? Be sure to check back for more details about the Narratess Sale, and if you have any comments or questions (or updates of your own) to share, feel free to do so! Until the next time.

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