March Updates

Hello! I think this Update post is going to be a little late, since I did not get to it when I wanted to!

First off, I haven’t done art posts the last couple of Saturdays, since I was pretty tired with everything I tried to do for the launch and launch preparation for Sorceress of the Dryads! By the way, that is available in both Paperback and Ebook now, and you can get that here. You can get Book One, Children of the Dryads here, in case you are interested and have not got it yet!

Which brings us to one of the more exciting things that happened last month. I got a bit of fan art for Children of the Dryads! Samantha Kroese made it for me and here it is.

Tara-lin with a gryphon, against a forest backdrop
Fan art by Samantha Kroese

Isn’t it beautiful? There’s something really cool about fan art, about someone else doing that for your book, your characters, and seeing how they saw or envisioned your work! In some ways, I think fan art is the best kind of art.

I hope to post two art posts with accompanying snippets this month, and you can see all existing art posts here.

Now, for the Work-In-Progress Updates (you can find descriptions of all the Works-In-Progress here). I don’t think I’ve done anything on the Lìrulin-and-Eldor WIP, even though February is supposed to be the month of love and romance, but what I do and when has nothing to do with social conventions and rarely coincides (though it sometimes does!) I’ve finished book one of the Dawn-song/Library WIP and am about half a chapter into book two. Some things took longer than I expected, and Dawn-song surprised me a couple of times, but I am very happy with how things went and I think I have the perfect ending for part one. Book one is kind of sad, so I hope it gets happier and stays that way for a bit. I feel like I learned a lot from Dawn-song. The character and journey are very interesting and close to me.

I’m working on the Slave-becomes-Dragonrider WIP bit by bit. It’s coming along. In my opinion, it’s a bit more action-packed than most of my stories, which I consider to have delightfully slow pacing when it comes to the action. But readers often surprise me with their perceptions (usually in a good way).

I haven’t finished any new digital art pieces this month, but I’m really learning how to use my tool and enjoying it. Currently, I am working on one that shows Lyan, Tara-lin’s brother from Sorceress of the Dryads, and the drake-lizard Shobura. I haven’t got to doing the background, so that is going to be a whole new thing to learn how to do, but I’m mostly done with the character art precisely! For a first attempt, I am really pleased with it, and I will show it to all of you when I have it done … maybe before I do the background, maybe after I do the background. I can’t promise when that will be, since sometimes I am just not in the mood for any particular piece or style of art, but I have high expectations that it might even be before March is over!

As for the reviews, so far I’ve been able to fairly consistently write a review and post it Friday, sometimes Saturday. Take a look at them here if you like. I’m trying to find a balance between reviewing older and newer reads, since I am really behind on all the books I want to review (because I only came up with this idea in December, and of course I’ve been reading books I have something to say about for a lot longer than a few months)!

Next month, I will tell you a bit about the next Areaer novel I plan to release!

Thank you for reading. Do you have any comments? Do any of my Works-In-Progress particularly stand out to you? Any updates of your own you would like to share? Any thoughts about my approach to reviews? I would like to see all of it!

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