February Update – Promotions, Sales, and a Giveaway!!

Hello! I think these monthly posts may become regular, but let’s not decide that just yet!

This month, in addition to the update on my writing and blogging, I will be sharing a few promotions. As you may (or may not) know, I entered SPFBO7 (Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off) with DragonBirth, (and my book was cut in the first round, but that doesn’t matter very much; I love my book, but there are so many – I kind of expected it. Things will be cut, and it isn’t always a reflection on how awesome they are!). As a result I am privileged to be part of many of their promotions.

Here are the links to a promotion of a whole lot of books by SPFBO authors, from this year and past years. There’s also a link at the top of the BookFunnel page to another page where those of us (myself included) who don’t have a BookFunnel can be found – actually, everyone can be found on IndieStoryGeek, S. Kaeth’s wonderful review website.

Book Funnel Promotion

I’m sure other people have sales on there also, so check it out! Children of the Dryads is on sale in Ebook format at 99cents or equivalent everywhere, throughout the month of February! Of course, I am celebrating the release of Sorceress of the Dryads on February 22nd. All files have been uploaded, though some retailers have not yet approved. So, right now, you can buy Children of the Dryads and preorder Sorceress of the Dryads for the price Sorceress of the Dryads will be after the 23rd. (You can find both these books on the IndieStoryGeek page.)

This month, I am featuring E.G Radcliff, another SPFBO author. I haven’t got a chance yet to read any of her The Coming of Áed Trilogy novels (The Hidden King, The Last Prince, The Wild Court) but I have heard a lot of things that interest me in them, and they are the list to check out sometime! Specifically, I’ve heard that they present darkness and evil woven into a theme of hope and overall optimism (this is not a direct quote; it would be much better if it were, but I don’t remember exactly what I heard!) and if that does not interest me, what does?

From now until February 14th, E.G Radcliff is running a Giveaway for The Wild Court. Enter the Giveaway here.

Or you can just buy The Wild Court.

What perils await on the other side of the veil?

In the seventh year of Áed’s reign, night descends on the autumn festival. But a time of revelry turns into one of fiery destruction—as fae pour across the veil and the Gut becomes a battlefield in an otherworldly war.

Determined to protect his kingdom and the people he loves, Áed finds himself catapulted into a realm as unfamiliar as it is dangerous, where magic is king and wild courts vie for supremacy.

While the faerie Queen’s missing consort holds the key to life and death, tenuous alliances raise questions about Áed’s connection to the mysterious Bone court. His survival hinges on cunning as much as illusion.

On a mission like no other, only one thing is certain: no one will survive unscathed.

And here are two out of five illustrations from The Wild Court:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can find more about her books (and more illustrations!) on her website.

And now for some Updates!

I have not done a lot of writing last month. I was very busy with getting Sorceress of the Dryads ready to go on the 22nd of this one, and I played around with the digital art program (GIMP) that I installed at the end of December. You can see a lot of the art I did (it was mostly monsters) here. And here is one just to wet your appetite.

medusa, gorgon, a nightmare creature of Areaer by Raina Nightingale

Here’s my last Updates post where you can find a list of my current Works-In-Progress (at least the ones that have more than half a chapter in them). I’ve written a couple chapters in some of them last month (mostly I wrote in Lìrulin and Eldor, but even all put together it was not a lot). Also, I seem to be consistently able to post a review per week on Fridays!

Thank you for reading. Check out our books, check out my art, check out whatever interests you! All of us are really grateful for every bit of support, so let us know what you loved and what interests you! It probably won’t change what or how much I write, but feel free to check out this post and tell me which of the Works in Progress you find most interesting!


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