The Medusa is one of the rarer Nightmare creatures. Though the plural is Medusar, it is not currently without doubt whether there is a plurality of them. The Medusa’s power or influence is an impulse of fear to cut oneself off from anything that could affect or influence one, out of fear being affected or in any way in the power of something other than oneself could cause pain or hurt.

Some peoples have known this being as En-Kais, goddess of the netherhells.

(The relationship of this creature to the Greek Medusa is relatively tenuous. I did not even know until very recently that Medusa was not a kind of creature but a specific one. I had simply heard of Medusa, along with a short description somewhere (a woman with snakes for hair who turned people into stone by looking at them); that inspired a somewhat different image in my head, and this thing was born. I don’t even remember where or how I heard what I did.)

When posts appear relating to this Nightmare entity, links and a gallery of images will appear here.

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