Death Worm

The Death Worm is a relatively rare Nightmare creature. It is rarely described or named even in legends, though there are some hints to its deadliness and terror in some mythologies, usually relatively obscure. It stalks its prey under the ground, and its proximity exudes a taint of such disturbance that, without aid, few mortals can survive an encounter with it unscathed, if they survive at all. It is vulnerable to dragon fire and not particularly deadly to dragons, perhaps in part because dragons are creatures of fire and air, and it burrows and appears from under the earth and is very much bound to the earth. It is, in all ways, a blight. To touch or be touched by it is almost always to die, usually horribly.

When posts relating to or referencing the death worm, or showcasing art in which it appears, are posted, links and a gallery will appear here.

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