Union and Communion or Thoughts on the Song of Solomon

Union and Communion is a beautiful meditation on the Song of Songs and the spiritual marriage of the soul to her King, Lord, and Shepherd, and on the development of her intimacy with Him, trust of Him, and labour with Him, on the excellency of His love for her. It was written by Hudson Taylor, a missionary to China who, to the scorn of others from the West, adopted native customs and dress, since his desire was to teach Christ, not Western culture. He led for a time an inter-denominational missions group, and was married multiple times (his wife died) and had children. I really like his thoughts on the love of Christ, on the intimacy to which He calls us, and that this intimate relationship of love – where we find that intimacy with Him brings no fear or cost, but we are joined to Him as a bride to the Bridegroom – is open to and should be the aspiration of all Christians, regardless of occupation or vocation – rather, it is from this that we live our vocation, no matter what that vocation is.

Click below to download in PDF.

Union_And_Communion_or Thoughts on the Song of Solomon

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