Saturday Art: Arxeal (Anidril System, #5)

Continuing the Anidril System series, today we have with us Arxeal, first of the gas giants. (Original art by Raina Nightingale).

Arxeal, fourth planet and first gas giant of the star Anidril, designed by Raina Nightingale
Arxeal, the blue giant

Arxeal is the first, and smaller, of Anidril’s two gas giants. In fact, Arxeal is a very small gas giant, with only six major moons, though some of those moons are quite large. Being small (for a giant), and lying on the other side of Anidril’s thick, inner asteroid belt, Arxeal is rarely seen and named by the inhabitants of Areaer and Alaer. But the blue-green banded world is there nonetheless, a part of the world they inhabit, with its moons and its thin rings to keep it closer company.

And though it is not often seen or known by eyes, it is a beautiful world.

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