The Dungeons and Dragons Book Tag

I got this tag from Jodie at The Witty and Sarcastic Book Club, from whom it originates. She left tags open, and I shall do the same.

(My plan is do this Book Tag twice. Once with only my own books, once with only other people’s. This first time is for other people’s. Who knows when I’ll get around to mine.)

Here goes. Class explanations are credited to Jodie. (I don’t even play Dungeons and Dragons! At least not much.)

Barbarian: In a simplified nutshell, barbarians are fighters whose anger can give them a berserker state of mind: think an overdose of adrenaline allowing someone to do the nigh impossible.

Name a character with a temper:

When I read this prompt, I immediately thought of Rohan from Wistful Ascending. Because he absolutely has a temper that comes with his Power, and he definitely goes into berserker rages – and has to struggle not to succumb to them.

Wistful Ascending (The Hybrid Helix) by JCM Berne. A Superhero Space Opera with vivid, exciting characters.

Bard: Bards use music and song to either help or hinder. Music is massively important to them, and can give them power.

Name a book/character for which music is important:

Music is what gives the bards in Cursed Song their power. If they don’t perform, it weakens their magic.

Cursed Song by Samantha Kroese. A standalone novel. Dark fantasy with a fairytale hue.

Cleric: “A priestly champion who wields divine magic in service of a higher power” (D&D Player’s Handbook)

Name a book/character for which religion plays a large role:

Ra’ael from Between Starfalls is a priestess of her people, and her faith and her connection to the spirits is very important to her. All the characters in Between Starfalls have a faith that they sometimes struggle to understand, or to know how to live up to or fit into the circumstances of their lives, as they try to be true to the song of their stories and Eloi.

Between Starfalls (Children of the Nexus, #1) by S. Kaeth. A grimdark X noblebright fantasy with strong themes of staying true to yourself and the struggle to hope and believe.

Druid: Druids are representative of nature. They get their power- healing, magical spells, etc.- from either the land itself or from a nature deity.

Name a Book where nature plays an important role:

In The Stars Wait Not, Ryllis has a special connection to nature. She nurtures nature, and nature in turn nurtures her – everything from sunsets to flowers to baby mice.

The Stars Wait Not by Anne Wheeler. A moving science-fantasy romance.

Fighter: A fighter relies on physical skill. They are often good with a weapon and can function as a pretty good meat shield.

Name a book with great fight scenes:

I’m not a fight scenes person BUT The Blood of a Dragon by Jack Adkins has a lot of somewhat neat action scenes in it. Some of them are fights, and he doesn’t go way overboard into the gore or long boring descriptions of battles, so … I mean, ‘great fight scenes’ is an exaggeration since no fight scenes are great to me, but it was fine!

The Blood of a Dragon by Jack Adkins, an epic high fantasy with dungeons-and-dragons style world-building.

Magic Users: Dungeons and Dragons features Warlocks, Wizards, and Sorcerers. Each is different, but I’m lumping them together for the purposes of this tag. The name is self-explanatory: a user of magic.

Name a book or character with cool magic:

In my opinion, the magic in Goldsong is some of the coolest. I liked so much of it – Traedis’ bardic magic, her connection to the land, and more.

Goldsong by Beth Hudson, a tale of beautiful characters, dark conflicts, and deep magic.

Paladin: A holy warrior.

Name a character with strong convictions:

Karal from Storm Warning is not the kind of person you expect to stand strong at first. He seems like someone who’s coped with the rough hand life has dealt him by being kind of soft and a bit of a push-over. But his true strength is revealed when he stands firm for beliefs of mercy that make him immensely unpopular, and even takes the initiative – even though he used to be a simple secretary.

Storm Warning, The Mage Winds #1, by Mercedes Lackey; character-driven epic fantasy in a world on the brink of a major magical disaster about to be repeated again.

Ranger: Hunters, wilderness survivors, and protectors, rangers are often what stand between civilization and the monsters that live in the wild.

Name a character that is in tune with the wild.

Nokhum from Dust of a Moth’s Wing is very much in tune with the wild. He was raised by tree spirits, and he seems like he belongs and is far more comfortable among his forest friends than among the other Lowasii. Let alone even less wild-nature-bound races.

Dust of a Moth's Wing, The Age of Fire #1, by R. Ramey Guerrero, an epic fantasy with political bents, and both slice of life and cozy, and world-changing themes.

Rogue: Rogues use stealth and cunning to defeat their foes or prevail in a situation.

Name a book or character with cunning:

Deo di Amarra from Obsidian: Awakening definitely has cunning. No one really knows what he wants, as he plays some game known only to him for goals that I’m not thoroughly convinced he himself understands. Advisor to kings, lord of assassins … and even wine brewer!

Obsidian: Awakening by Sienna Frost. An epic grimdark fantasy novel with vibes from the Middle East and Mongolia.

Tags are open.

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