Finding Her Story: $0.99 Fantasy Reads


I’m back again with a mid-week announcement for a fantasy sale.

I won’t spend a lot of time on it, but this is a great opportunity to take a chance on female-lead fantasy stories! Want more fantasy with female characters that feel both real and active? Don’t want too much romance or spice (maybe a little is okay, but you don’t want it everywhere)?

Check out the

Finding Her Story: $0.99 Fantasy Reads Sale

You’ll find my forth-coming novel, Heart of Fire, there as well! So maybe check it out, if a story about a slave determined to be a Dragonrider and a child chosen to ride the Obsidian Guardian, an ancient god-like dragon, appeals to you? It’s also got original, ancient cultures and unique magic and world-building! Oh, and sibling bonds! Fierce, transforming and powerful relationships – but not romantic ones.

I will try to back Friday with another Book Review, and Saturday with my long-promised art of Sylvara! But for now, you can have another look at my art of Camilla, the female lead of Heart of Fire.

Camilla, Dragon-mage, Dragonspeaker, Dragonkeeper, Dragonrider of Radiance, and female protagonist of Heart of Fire and the Dragon-mage series, epic slice of life dawndark fantasy.
Camilla, Rider of Radiance, Mage


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