Gryphon’s Escape: An Areaer Novella from the Perspective of a Gryphon

Hi! It is time for another Art Saturday, but this one is only sort of an Art Saturday, and it is not related to Heart of Fire. (I promise we will get back to Heart of Fire next week, but this might just be so good you won’t care!) It is also a bit of an update on something I’ve been saying I was going to do forever, and that I finally did!

Gryphon’s Escape, my promised free short story from the perspective of a gryphon – a telepathic/empathic animal – is now available!

Here’s the cover art.

Cover for Gryphon's Escape by Raina Nightingale, an Areaer Novella from the perspective of a gryphon.

Book Description:

Sisel is a Gryphon of the Valor Hall, bonded to the Valor Knight Meir. She does not understand human society or why Meir and she have to do most of what they do, but she loves Meir and she accepts that humans are different. She does not need to understand them. Just as even Meir does not understand her.

Until Sisel is asked to pluck information out of the mind of an uncooperative tortured prisoner. She does not understand what she is being asked to do, but when she touches the prisoner’s feelings, she knows that, whatever else is going on, this is insane. Beyond even normal human insanity.

You can get it for free from most stores here. Last I checked Amazon has it at 99cents; maybe they will price match it to free sometime. But it is free everywhere else.

You can also download it here in all formats (so you can find something to work for your Kindle, if that’s what you need). Of course, I would like it if you pick it up somewhere else to boost the sales rank, or review on Goodreads or wherever you like when you’ve finished it! And if anything ever goes wrong with the link, let me know. It’s not on purpose!

All right! Have fun! And let me know what you think of my little attempt to write some animal perspective.

Also – just so you know for certain: this book does not require that you have read any of the Areaer Novels. It’s a bit different from most of them, since how many of them are written from the perspective of a gryphon? But nothing depends on it, and it doesn’t depend on anything else.

Thanks for coming!

PS. Is Sisel cute? I certainly think she is gorgeous! And she’s got such a fun personality to read about (yes, I read my own story no less than five times. It’s normal, natural, and a greater part of my purpose in writing them).

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