Art for HEART OF FIRE: My Brother and His Dragon

Art Saturday is back, and the second in the series is another piece I did by hand, and colored digitally, for Heart of Fire. This one features a face, and this is a sign of my unexpected victory over “the inability to draw a human face that looks remotely the way I intended it to. Or anything better than twisted.” This one may not be the most perfect picture ever, but I feel that it captured the mood of who Lavilor and Sleet are pretty well.

Lavilor, a human boy, sitting with his arm over the neck of his young silver dragon, Sleet.
Lavilor – Camilla’s younger brother – and the dragon Sleet.

To me, this picture looks really sweet. Lavilor and Sleet are perhaps the sweetest characters in Heart of Fire. Lavilor is the younger brother of Camilla – who’s the primary Main Character – and Camilla is fiercely determined to protect him, now that they are on their own. He’s quiet and shy, and very sweet. He’s both forgiving and hopeful, and he deals with the trauma in his past in a very different way from his sister, internalizing his sorrow and also trying not to give into it.

Sleet, his young dragon and best friend, is also thoughtful, and generally both kind and hopeful. He wants his boy – and everyone else around him, too – to be happy.

Lavilor does not have any point-of-view in Heart of Fire, but he does have a few point-of-view scenes in the sequel, Scars of Fire.

The Cover Reveal for Heart of Fire is coming up on Febuary 1st, but if you want to preorder it now, the ebook is currently available for preorder from select retailers here. The same link will work for the paperback and other retailers once those are available!

Thank you for taking a moment to look, and be sure to come back next time for another peak at book-related art! These pieces will be included in b&w or simple lineart in the paperback (let me know which you think you’d prefer, since I haven’t decided yet!), and probably in full colour in the ebook.

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