Self-Published Authors Appreciation Week: The Weather Tag

I’m borrowing a tag for Self-Published Authors Appreciation Week that I found on Witty and Sarcastic Book Club. (Before that, it came from Bookstooge’s Reviews on the Road.) This one focuses on weather analogies (which don’t really make sense to me for the most part; one of these days remind me to make my own tag that makes sense to me the way I see/feel about weather).

Sunshine: A Book That Made You Smile

Windward by S. Kaeth

A fun story about dragons. I love a good dragonbonded story, and this was that.

Rain: A Book You Could Not Put Down

The Last Prince by E.G Radcliff

I couldn’t wait to read this one, after previewing The Hidden King (actually). I just loved Ninian and Aed so much and I read through these so fast. Also Ronan! Ronan is a bit of sunshine, by the way!

Wind: A Book That Blew You Away

The Sword in the Street by C.M Caplan

Honestly, the cover looks blown away and windy! I read through this book so fast, backwards too. And the vibe one gets from it in places – there are times one feels about blown away. Tossed around. Like so.

Hurricane: A Tragic Book

Birth of the Storm by Valerie Storm

This would definitely be a recent read that got very crushing and sad at times. I think it counts.

Blizzard: A Book You Had High Expectations For

The Stars Wait Not by Anne Wheeler

This is a sci-fi romance, and since neither of those is my preferred genre, I usually don’t read them unless I have high expectations! It did not disappoint!

Tornado: A Book You Didn’t Like At First But Ended Up Loving

Struggling with the Current by A.R.K. Horton

This is more of a series I didn’t like at first, but ended up enjoying. I DNF’d this book, later returned to it and enjoyed it, but still couldn’t decide if I liked it enough to get the rest of the books. In the end, I enjoyed the whole trilogy.

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      1. 😀

        The Sword in the Street is … not a really simple read, so that’s why I haven’t reviewed it yet. Like it’s going to take a lot of energy to write the review I think it deserves and that I want to write, so I’m saving it for when either my thoughts have collected due to enough time passing or I have more time/energy than I do in the Summer.

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