Cover Reveal: Breakout by Dezarea Dunn

Hello! Today is a Cover Reveal for a fellow author I met as part of SPFBO 7: Dezarea Dunn. Breakout, the third novel in her The Blighted Trilogy, is coming!

Thea died. Bellamy brought her back. Can they mend their shattered connection and beat the odds, or will the ocean run with blood?

And here is the cover:

Cover of Breakout, Book Three of The Blighted Trilogy, by Dezarea Dunn

The full description:

My name’s Thea . . . I’m a mermaid. Siren, Cursed One, Deathbringer, Diviner? The titles seem to be endless. Now there might be another – the Pishon House Hier. 

Six days ago I risked my life for a man I didn’t know, and died saving him. That man believes he’s my father.

Bellamy, my handsome and infuriating trainer, brought me back, but not before the connection between our minds was severed. The agony of that broken bond is a wall I don’t know how to breach. All I know is I miss him, and he can’t stand to be near me. But a rescue attempt forces us to work together and when an attack on Corazon goes horribly wrong, Bellamy takes drastic measures to keep me out of danger.

With Saxen pushing for war, the Drek-toa — or dragon-shifters — looking for a new Emissary, and the Blight picking off people we love, the path forward seems darker than ever. I must learn to master my abilities and fight for the future, the world will be bathed in blood.

If that sounds interesting, you can preorder Breakout on Amazon here.

You can also find Dezarea Dunn in the following places.




Dezarea’s Website


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