Narratess Sale Announcement and Call for ARC Readers!

Hello! It is the Saturday before the #Narratess Indie April Sale! Or maybe it is almost the Sunday now? Never mind. Some people are probably going to wonder why I’m writing this right before Easter Sunday, but you can contact me using the Contact Page on my Home page if you want to talk about that! This post is about other things. First among them, that Narratess Sale!

Along with books like The Last Prince by EG Radcliff (a book I recently read and will be reviewing soon – and it is wonderful and I loved the main character and his partner so much!!), and a whole host of other independently published authors, some of whose books I have read and enjoyed and some of whom I haven’t checked out yet, both Children of the Dryads AND DragonBirth will be on sale for 99cents for the duration of the Narratess Sale – that is April 18nth to 22nd, to remind you. This means that whichever series catches your fancy, the first books of both the Legend of the Singer Duology and the Return of the Dragonriders Trilogy will be on sale! Love dryads and elves? Take a look at Children of the Dryads. Want a “Slice of Life” X Epic story about an albino dragon hatchling and a devout village-girl who discovers her whole religion is a lie? You might like DragonBirth!

And here is the link for the Narratess Sale. Check it out when the sale goes live! You’ll find lots of other Fantasy and Sci-fi there too, along with EG Radcliff’s book!

And now for that ARC call: the cover reveal for Kindred of the Sea will be on May 14nth! Right now, I am looking for ARC readers, who will review around the release date (I will decide the release date by the end of April, and it will be sometime in mid-late June, maybe early July. If you think you can review by early July, that’s good for me). If you are interested in that, use the Contact Form on my Home page to let me know (or you can reply to this post, and I’ll send you an e-mail). Here’s a bit more info.

When Corostomir and his partner march into battle and find themselves dreaming the dreams of trees, they know that all is not what it seems. . .

The Valor Alliance has declared war on Elethri, naming it haunt of demons and forest of the nightmare. But when the Valor Soldiers are driven back with enchantments of sleep and not with arrows, his partner, Aderan, and their friend soon convince Corostomir that a nation that will not shed the blood of its enemies, let alone that of its own people, cannot be in the thrall of the nightmare. Corostomir and Aderan must now make a difficult decision, one that is forced when the Valor Alliance sends the Army back to attack Elethri, this time by sea instead of land.

Kindred of the Sea is an enchanting tale about the love and intimacy possible in an asexual relationship and a trope-defying Portal Fantasy.

Kindred of the Sea is 103k. It is a relatively light read, but it has depth in the treatment of the characters and their experiences. There are three scenes that involve some violence/fighting, and one death of a named character. It has a dragon, magical dolphins, an ocean world, and a secret cult of sea mages fighting to preserve their magic and culture. It is written from the point of view of characters who are relatively ordinary and might be considered side characters – not super minor side characters, but side characters – from the perspective of the plot and action, the overt change in the world. If any of that sounds interesting, contact me! And, if you’re a blogger, go ahead and contact me even if you don’t think you can review by early July.

Thanks. I will be back with a more complete update on the first Saturday of May. And – check out that Narratess Sale!

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