Kingdom of Silrah

the colorful flag of silrah
The flag of Silrah; it is interesting that a country that teaches that dragons are demons would have one on its flag.

The Kingdom of Silrah is situated in the relatively rich land south of the Greater Aravin Mountains. Naturally, it is bordered to the north by that impassible mountain-range. Westward, it is bordered by the southwest-northeast running portion of the Lesser Aravin Mountains and the Orenial Rivers. Eastwards, it is bordered by the richer, semi-tropical forests along the coastline. Southwards, it runs into relatively arid lands.

Silrah is primarily constituted of two provinces: Tali and Delenois. Tali constitutes the eastward wing of Silrah, from the relatively fertile lands between the mountains and the forests, through the arid midlands. It is also seat of the capital of Silrah, the city-citadel of Kranah. Delenois constitutes the westward wing of Silrah, the fertile valleys of the Orenial Rivers and the fertile lands between them. It is the seat of Delenois, the City of the Oracle.

Silrah is mostly composed of peoples of related but various ethnic and cultural origins and tribes, with those in the cities and well-cultivated flatlands being farthest from their tribal origins, while some of those on the fringes, such as the people of the mountainous north, exhibit degrees of closeness to their old ways of life that vary from village to village. The dominant cultural religion of Silrah allows a great deal of room for practicing whatever superstitions or rituals of worship the people desire, but it is iron-strict in its ideal that the world has been saved from the demons, whose chief ambassadors to human-kind are the dragons, by the High One and the lesser gods and heroes who serve him. To speak of dragons as other than the most vile of demons is a threat to the good of souls, as well as societies, for the demons threaten souls above all, dragging those they devour or consort with to the depths of hell, and thus a crime greater than simple blasphemy. This religion is dominant among all the north-central and north-eastern countries of South Aneri, though the punishments for speaking kindly of dragons and Dragonriders are particularly harsh in Silrah. It is remarkable that the flag of Silrah boasts what is clearly a dragon, though it is never referred to as other than a flying or a winged creature.

Silrah includes peoples who lean slightly towards matriarchy or patriarchy, or combine elements of both. The Oracle is the principle ruler of Delenois, and is almost always female, but most of the business of running the city and the province lies in the hands of officials (who may be male or female) chosen by the Oracle, as they are considered too menial for her and would distract from her other duties. Among these duties, one is listening to the needs and questions of the people and providing her answers, one which takes a substantial portion of her time. She is so famed that occasionally people come not only from across Silrah, but from across Aneri in pursuit of her answers and wisdom, which is given equally to poor and rich. While the Oracle usually does not conduct much in the way of the daily governing of the city and delegates many tasks to her officials, she is acknowledged as the supreme ruler of Delenois, both the province and the city.

Kranah is the military center of Silrah. This military and the roads, built for war and for trade, play a large part in binding Delenois and Tali into one kingdom of Silrah, in addition to the related ethnic origins of most of the peoples of Silrah. Kranah is usually ruled by a King, though ruling Queens occur. The governance of Tali, as well as the military and the maintenance of Silrah’s roads (along with the taxes to support them) are the chief domain of the King (or Queen).

(In case this is necessary to avoid misconceptions: Silrah is not a medieval kingdom, and medieval assumptions should not be made about its culture, structure, or law.)

The Kingdom of Silrah is featured in the Return of the Dragonriders.