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Motivation: The Vision of God:

The Image of God and the Firstborn over all Creation: God must be all in all

(Part I) The Wonder of the Trinity: God is One

(Part II) The Wonder of the Trinity: Father, Son, Spirit

What Jesus’ Words Mean in the Context of the Holiness of God

I Will Look Upon Your Face in Righteousness: How Can I Envy Though My Enemies Have All Their Desire

Salvation: Sharing in the Life of the Triune God

Salvation: Heaven From the Foundations of the World

The Glorified Humanity of Christ

Love’s Wounds in Beauty Glorified: The Christian’s Comfort in the Scars of Christ

The Gift of God: The Worthiness of Christ to Eat His Flesh and Drink His Blood

The Reward of Christ and the Glory in His Saints

The Sovereign Love of God

In the Image of God

Jesus the Fulfillment of the Law

The Reason: The Love of Jesus (It’s Not About Hell)

The Living Bread is Real: Real Justification and Life by the Real Death of Jesus

The Church: Participation in Heaven on Earth

The Discipline of the Father and the Cross of Jesus



(Part I) The Promises of God: Introduction and Psalm 23

Why The Believers Were Shocked by Peter’s Release: It Wasn’t What They Were Praying For!

(Part II) The Promises of God: Prayer – Whatever You Ask

Authority: Romans 13 in the Context of Life in America

How Should We, as Christians, Respond to ISIS?

Faith: The Sight of the Soul Upon God

Christian Forgiveness: As God in Christ Forgave You

Christian Citizenship

Hypocrisy in the American Church: A Scandal and Disgrace

(Part I) Who Are You That You Fear: Introduction and the Idolatry of Fear

(Part II) Who Are You That You Fear: I, Even I, Am He…

Temples of the Holy Spirit and Living Sacrifices

Free to Live and Free to Die

Lessons from Jonah, the Whale, and Nineveh: Salvation is of the Lord

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit and Our Daily Bread

What’s Amazing is What God Does: The Place Where Courage Is Impossible

All Things Are Yours: Knowing and Praising God in Pleasure and Pain

Grace and Truth: Perfection and Joy in Jesus and His Finished Work

One Body, Many Members or Together and Alone

Asking God “Why?” and Declaring His Goodness

The Crucifixion and the Meaning of Compromise

The Universal Church: Christ’s People Never Abandoned

The Real Prosperity Gospel: If Then You Who Are Evil…

The Death By Which Peter Would Glorify God: Grace, Forgiveness, and Gratitude

Have You Ever Heard of God?

The Faithfulness of Christ: Why You Don’t Have to be Brave or Strong to be a Witness (Martyr)

Waiting on God

Christian Marriage and Virginity (or Single Life): Glorious Privilege

The Resurrection, Christian Death, and Prayer

Election is About You and God, Not Your Neighbor

The Heavenly Priesthood: The Son in Creation and the Father in the Son

A Request for Obedience to Jesus’ Command of Baptism

All is Sacrifice and there is No Cost

The Knowledge of the Living God

Grace, Seasoned with Salt, and Evangelism

The Truth is a Person: Objectivity and Relativity in Morality and More

Children of God: We Must Obey the Father in Heaven Rather Than Human Parents

How the Santa Claus Story is Anti-Christmas



The Humiliation and the Glory

Is It Even Possible (A Communion Poem)

Father, Son, and Spirit Blest (A Poem on the Trinity and the Rest of God)

The Song of Mary Magdalene and the Empty Tomb

The Love That Bore the Cross For Me (When Every Step’s an Uphill Battle)


Short Stories:

The Day I Would Die


The Sovereignty of God Glorified in Human Freedom


For those who prefer listening to reading:

YouTube Channel

I have currently uploaded 10 (It may be a while before I am able to upload more).

Favorite Resources, Such as Webpages and Books:

I do not agree with or endorse all content in the below suggested books and links. When it comes to the websites, I have not even read everything and so cannot know what is there. The descriptions below will, hopefully, give you a good idea what I like on the site (or in the book). I have preferred to try to describe what I like and think right, rather than to focus on what I do not think right.


Nik Ripken Ministries – Their mission statement is “to expand the Kingdom of God by sharing truths and practices learned from believers in persecution.” They tell about the power of His resurrection life, about what Christian persecution is, living in Christ, and how, in many cases, Christians are persecuted not for Christ, but for association with Western policies and sins. I like this post, particularly the paragraph about being “as free to share Christ in Saudi Arabia as we are in South Dakota… in North Korea as we are in North Carolina.”


Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich – I don’t rightly know how to describe this book. It is the author’s account of the visions or revelations of His love that the Lord Jesus showed to her in a deathly illness in answer to her own prayers. It is quite probably my favorite book, though I wouldn’t say that this list is necessarily ordered by how much I like a given work.

The Lord by Romano Guardini – Some well-formed and glorious insights about God, living in the sight of God, and life in Christ. Most of all, my favorite chapter is “Jesus’ Death,” a beautiful, astounding, and reverent meditation on what Jesus’ dying means.

If You Will Ask by Oswald Chambers – A booklet on prayer as communion with God, on intercession as founded on the redemption of Christ and as a sharing in God’s interests, and spiritual warfare as standing in Christ (much like Saint Patrick’s Breastplate).

The Love of God by Oswald Chambers – This booklet is on what the love of God means and keeping oneself in the love of God. One of my favorites.

My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers – a 365 day devotional, drawn from various works by Oswald Chambers, including quotations If You Will Ask and Studies on the Sermon on the Mount.

Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor – The biography of the missionary to China, Hudson Taylor. It focuses on how he lived before God, on his desire to radically trust God, and faith and prayer as the exchanged life of communion with Christ.

Orthodoxy by G.K Chesterton – I liked how he wrote about a swollen mind, not an over-active imagination, being the cause of insanity, about insanity being even rational; about seeming opposites – such as wrath and love – both run together with utmost intensity; and the chapter titled “Ethics of Elfland,” about how reality need not be the way it is to us (except, maybe, because it IS that way) and the wonder of what reality is, the near madness of reality.

The Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Liseuix – The account, given by St. Therese of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face herself, of being drawn into the Love of the Divine Spouse from early childhood, of her desire to give herself to the Love of Jesus, and of His intimate blessings and love to her. You can find a PDF of Letters written by Therese of the Child Jesus here. The way she touches on suffering in the context of the marriage of the soul and her Savior points to the wondrous truth beyond all words. (The translation of St. Therese’s unedited, original manuscript is much better; I highly recommend obtaining a copy of it, if you wish to read her autobiography, if you can do so.)



Perelandra by C.S Lewis – I really like the picture of life painted through the story of temptation, trust, and obedience of the Man and Woman of Perelandra and Dr. Ransom. I especially like the conversation of Malacandra and Perelandra about the redemption of sinners, the ferocity of love, and the Great Dance.

The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald – A truly Christian fairytale (for children, but no less excellent for anyone older). Beauty. Providence. Truthfulness. (There is also an abridged version.)

The Princess and Curdie by George MacDonald – Another Christian fairytale. Sequel to The Princess and the Goblin. Something I recently noticed and liked about it is how the Old Princess tells Curdie that those who know her well know her in whatever shape she takes, and when Curdie asks for a sign by which he can always know a shape is hers, she tells him that if she gave him a sign by which to always know her in the future, that would be to know not her, but the sign of her. It strikes me that this is relevant for recognizing and knowing God, too. This is only one example of many such wonderful things in the Curdie books.

Phantastes by George MacDonald – The setting is the adventures of a man who wanders into Faerie Land. The story feels like life, even in the very ways in which it is least like life as we perceive it. There is something too good to be told.

Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard – The allegorical story of crippled Much-Afraid, and how the Chief Shepherd brings her up the Mountains, out of the dominion of the Fearings, into the High Places and the Kingdom of Love, where she is cured of her lameness and fears and receives a new name. Acceptance-with-Joy, the fear of being left to die and suffer forsaken, the Canyon of Full Surrender, the transforming summit and victory of Love, all resonated with me – as I read and understood them, they are my story.

Lilith by George MacDonald – The story of Vane, who finds himself in another world; those who will not sleep cannot wake; Death is the Sleep that prepares us for life; those who are not dead do not live; do we even know who we are; God’s love arranges all things; God’s will is behind the human will; all must be children. It is so full of wisdom, of reality.



Crown of Life – His crown of thorns. A crown of life it was to me. I can’t explain what I hear in this song. I can say that, through this song, I’ve glimpsed the Lord.

In My Weakness – A song about the endless strength of Christ revealed when you see that you have no strength and are nothing.

At the Name of Jesus – Wonderful theology in this song! Listen to it for yourself: if I tried to describe it, I would do much worse than the song-writer. The song has lyrics. (My favorite lyrics for the last stanza have the first line as, “Jesus, Lord and Savior,” for, “Brothers, this Lord Jesus,” and, for the fourth line, “O’er the earth to reign,” for “With His angel-train,” but it doesn’t matter either way.)

Praise the Messiah Exultantly – An Arabic Christian song centered on the triumphant joy of the resurrection of Christ. This video has the most beautiful translation into English I have found so far.

I may add more to this.


If anyone tries these links and finds that any of them no longer lead to the desired internet page, please let me know, either by Contact Form, Comment, or you can notify me via Twitter.

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