Jesus is Worthy

Below is the text of a tract I wrote:

There is one true God who made everything. He rules and keeps in existence all things by His power and His will. He created human beings (you) to love Him and to show forth His character and goodness, and to be with Him. He is holy, which means that He is God, the Creator and no creature, the very meaning of Goodness. He is perfect. This means He will have nothing to do with anything sinful, anything evil. He hates sin because He is good and it is evil, and He must punish your sin because He is good and it is a disgusting representation of His perfect goodness.

Equally, God loves you. He wants you to be with Him. But how can He punish your sins and prove His perfect righteousness and holiness without destroying you? How can He take your sins off of you so that you can live with Him, since nothing imperfect can live with Him and you are not only imperfect but evil? Even if you could pay for your sins – which you can’t, because you’ve committed them against the infinite holy God – you still wouldn’t be sinless and perfect.

God sent His Son to be conceived in the womb of a virgin by the same almighty power by which He made the worlds, and to become man. His name is Jesus Christ. The Son of God has the same holy nature of God, which means He’s the same God with His Father, the Creator of the worlds. As a man – like us – He lived a perfect life, even though He was tempted just as we are, and so demonstrated that God is good. It’s kind of unbelievable that God became a human being, with limitations and weaknesses like ours, since God is totally unlike us and infinite in power and knowledge and all goodness, but He did. He is almighty. So, because He is a man and also the One through whom, in whom, and for whom all men and women were created, Jesus took responsibility for our sins. On the cross, He bore our sins and He suffered all of God’s anger and hatred towards sin, the ultimate evil. He, the righteous man, was forsaken of His God; He, the Beloved Son, was crushed by His Father. That’s why He cried out in anguish beyond what humans could ever know, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Still, He loved God as you and I have never done, loved God perfectly. On that cross, bearing our sins in His own body before God’s holy wrath He made an end of those sins. With His life, which is of infinite value and price because He is God, He paid the debt we could not pay. That’s why when He died He said “It is finished!”

He was buried in a tomb and on the third day He rose from dead, proving that His sacrifice was accepted. He ascended into heaven and He is seated with God the Father. Jesus Christ the Man has all the glory of God because not only is He truly God but He won that glory by His work on the cross as a man. He will come again and will judge everyone. He will give everyone what they deserve. People who can’t live with God because they’re sinners and God hates evil He will banish from God’s presence and from all goodness forever and they will have to bear the hatred of God for their own sinfulness. People who are good with a goodness from God will get to see God’s face and experience His love forever. But how can anyone be good like that?

Because Jesus took responsibility for your sins and suffered it through to the end He can give you His righteousness; that way, God will see Jesus’ goodness in you. He will also send His Spirit into you to live His own risen life in you and make you a child of God. Because God’s Spirit is living the life of His Son in you, you will love God and want to know Him and obey Him. You will want to love God alone and you will hate your sin and your inclinations towards lesser things than God Himself.

Jesus Christ is worthy. He died, suffering the hell and paying the price that you deserve. He rose from the dead and He lives forever. He wants you to come to Him so He can give you His goodness and life. Look to Him! Believe in Him! He has already done everything. There is nothing left for you to do. Only trust. Why should you die in your sins and go to hell when God has done this for you? Surely, if anyone is damned the blame lies all on their own shoulders.

Copyright 2017 Raina Nightingale

Below is a link to a downloadable PDF template for printing two tracts on a single double-sided sheet of paper. This tract may be distributed and re-formatted as long as my words are not changed.